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Play With a League

Playing in a league is one of the best ways to improve your squash skills and to meet others in the squash community. Check out the two leagues that Berkeley offers and see if either one (or maybe both) fits you!


Box League

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The Box League is an excellent opportunity for you to hone your skills as a squash player and to get to know others in the Berkeley squash community. At the beginning of each month, players are sorted into new boxes and given the opportunity to play with new partners. Although there are no official prizes for the winners of each box, the top players in the top four boxes are encouraged to play with the Berkeley teams playing in the East Bay Squash League.



To sign up for the box league, please contact the current box league manager, Jim Veitch, and provide the following information:

  1. Full Name
  2. Contact Phone Number
  3. Approximate Level of Play



The fee is free for Cal team players, or $20/quarter for those not on the Cal squash team. New quarters begin in March, June, September, and December. Fees are paid to the Cal Squash Club at the Cashiers office, located at the entrance to the Recreational Sports Facility.



  • On average, five players are assigned to each box. However, on occasion, there may be as few as four players or as many as six players in each box.
  • It is each player's responsibility to arrange matches by contacting the other players within his/her box.
  • New participants in the league will be added to a box of their approximate rating at the discretion of the league organizers.
  • If your playing ability doesn't match the box in which you have been placed, please contact Jim. You will be moved to the appropriate box the following month.
  • Generally, at the end of the month, two players will go up to the next box, two players will go down, and one player will stay in the same box. Please note that the addition of new participants may, at times, alter these results.
  • Points scoring:
  • 3/0 = 6 points to the winner, 1 point to the loser.
    3/1 = 5 points to the winner, 2 points to the loser.
    3/2 = 4 points to the winner, 3 points to the loser.
    No show or walk over (injuries) = 5 points to the winner, 0 points to the loser.

  • Please enter results into the box accordingly (i.e., you win 3/0 enter "6" in your box and "1" in your opponent's box). Results are posted on the monthly box league sheets on the bulletin board on Court 1.
  • Disputes should be brought to the attention of the box league manager, whose decision is final.
  • You do not have to sign up again for the following month; you will automatically be included. If you will be away for an entire month, please inform Jim so that your name may be removed and re-entered the following month.
  • If you have not played any matches for an entire month without notifying Jim beforehand about your absence, your name will be removed from the league. However, you may re-enter your name for any subsequent month.



If you have any questions or concerns, or would simply like to know more about the Box League, please feel free to contact Jim.


East Bay Squash League

The East Bay Squash League is an opportunity for players to travel around to different clubs in the East Bay and play intense matches with players outside of the Berkeley community. Participating clubs include:


Drawing from both student and community players, the Cal Squash Club has sponsored teams continuously in the East Bay Squash League since 2001, as well as precursor league teams playing in the San Francisco Bay Area since the 1980's.


Matches are on Wednesday evenings from 6-8pm, every other week. Matches are either home or away, so teams will travel roughly once a month to a different club in the East Bay. Each team needs enough players to cover for absences and injuries, and there is no requirement for the players to make every match. The whole point is to have fun and meet new players. Half of the fun comes from the tradition of socializing with the opposing team after matches.


With a roster of about 7 players, Division 2 fields 3 players per match. To sign up for the Division 2 team, the "Racqueteers," please contact team captain John A. Kunze.


With a roster of about 10 players, Division 3 fields 4 players per match. To sign up for the Division 3 team, the "Recession Dodgers," please contact team captain Dror Matalon.


If you have any additional questions about the East Bay Squash League, please feel free to contact the East Bay Squash League Commissioner, Paul Gessling.


Berkeley teams win the East Bay Squash League 3 years in a row.