Squash is a club sport at Cal. That means the men’s and women’s teams get essentially zero financial support from the University to compete. In order to build a team that can compete at a national level, they need your help.

You can donate to the Cal Men’s or Cal Women’s Squash Clubs directly, or you can donate to the Friends of Cal Squash organization. Either way your money will be supporting the squash program at Cal. All three methods are 100% tax deductible.

Your donation will go towards the following team expenses:


Each year, the teams travel to the East Coast for Nationals in February. In addition to Nationals, the teams travel one other time to the East Coast to play a round robin with colleges. The team also travels to L.A., and Washington to play west coast rivals.

Team Uniforms & Equipment

What’s a good team without great uniforms?

Tournament Fees

Tournament fees can quickly become a financial burden to our team members, preventing them for signing up to play.

Coaching & Training

Although the majority of the coaching the team currently receives is volunteered, there is always a need to hire part time professionals to give lessons.


Friends of Cal Squash will help the team by sponsoring squash events at Cal. These events will include Pro exhibition matches, Alumni match, and other recruiting events on campus.