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Want to Play Matches Against Local Squash Clubs?


Playing in a league is one of the best ways to improve your squash skills and to meet others in the squash community. There are two local leagues: The East Bay Squash League and the San Francisco Squash League.


Drawing from both student and community players, the Cal Squash Club has sponsored teams continuously in the Local Leagues since 2001, as well as precursor league teams playing in the San Francisco Bay Area since the 1980's.


Matches are on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings from 6-8pm, every other week. Matches are either home or away, so teams will travel roughly once a month to a different club in the East Bay. Each team needs enough players to cover for absences and injuries, and there is no requirement for the players to make every match. The whole point is to have fun and meet new players. Half of the fun comes from the tradition of socializing with the opposing team after matches.


The Racqueteers

We field a Division 2 team in the San Francisco Squash League called 'The Racqueteers'. With a roster of about 10 players, the team consists of 4 players per match. To sign up for the "Racqueteers," please contact team captain John A. Kunze.


Participating clubs include:


The Recession Dodgers

With a roster of about 10 players, We field a division 3 team in the East Bay Squash League. To sign up for the Division 3 team, the "Recession Dodgers," please contact team captain Dror Matalon.