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We’re launching a collection of articles on the subject, written by our abstract artists and different qualified contributors. They’ll talk about their own interpretation of Abstraction, their vision and why they favour it. Look out for ‘What is Abstraction: A journey to Antartica’, by Pierre Auville coming quickly. In the meantime, here’s our introductory characteristic. Abstraction isn’t a style or motion; it might probably exist in all art to a sure diploma. Various dictionaries outline Abstraction as ‘freedom from representational qualities in art’ and ‘not representing issues pictorially’. The Tate describes it as when an artist has both ‘removed (abstracted) parts from an object to create a more simplified form’ or produced something which ‘has no source at all in external reality’. While an artist may have an actual object in thoughts when painting, that object could be stylised, distorted or exaggerated utilizing colours and textures to speak a feeling, somewhat than produce a replica. It’s more about how the great thing about shapes and colour can override representational accuracy.

Speak and work together with abstract artists. You may usually find abstract artists in collective studios or at their artwork exhibits. Take the time to respectfully speak to an artist, particularly when you don’t perceive their work. Talking to the artist and getting their perspective could provide you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of their work.

I want my work to be shocking, playful and provocative. A few of my paintings are doors, others home windows. They're all portals. "For me ‘abstraction’ just isn't an art movement, a moment in art historical past or a style of painting. It is an important integral connector to the vitality of painting. What's extraordinary for me is that as I go out past what I know—past where I am controlling what I do—to find coherency and type. "I need to express a sure feeling and emotion by creating a complete atmosphere for the viewer to stroll into or observe from afar. I exploit materials in a direct and easy manner, not transforming or altering them enormously from their natural state. "When I'm engaged in art making I'm absolutely caught up in the medium and tools and mission. I’ve discovered to not assume about the product that I will end up with because the time spent engaged in the inventive exercise is what's most vital to me. "Abstraction, like poetry, doesn't dictate a clear narrative however somewhat, quietly provides a fragment, a chunk of a mysteriously acquainted narrative.

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