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Tag Heuer watches is very popular in the watch industry. They are mainly known for their chronographs and luxury sports watches. Being in the market for over a century, this brand is now recognized as a leader in the watch industry. It was Eduoard Heuer who founded the company. Tag Heuer was founded in the year 1860 and it has been since then that the company is ruling the watch industry.

What is it that has made the Tag Heuer watches so popular? It is their quality, precision and reliability. It is because of these features they have been recognized in the sports industry as official timekeepers for several events. The events where these watches played a great role include Indianapolis 500, Olympic Games of 1920 and Alpine Skiing. However, these are just a few of the events; there are many in the list.

These Tag Heuer timepieces are just perfect for people who give immense importance to accuracy and time. There are even some situations that demand reliability and accuracy. For all these cases, the watches from Tag Heuer are a solution. A lot of people depend on the consistency and accuracy of these watches. There is in fact a long list of celebrities, Hollywood stars and sports icons who rely on accuracy and constancy of these watches. Tiger Woods, Steve McQueen, Brad Pitt and Uma Thurman are just a few to name.

Presently, Tag Heuer's collection includes Aquaracer, Carrera, Link and Monaco. The watches in the Aquaracer collection are mainly designed for watersports. Their designs are popular with everyday wearers as well. It is also their accuracy and ability to endure pressure that has made Aquaracer one of the popular Tag Heuer watches in the industry.

The Carrera line is known for its aesthetic appeal and http://ask.studybible.info/index.php?qa=user&qa_1=ballingbank24 [http://ask.studybible.info/index.php?qa=user&qa_1=ballingbank24] elegant design. Motorsports fans are also very fond of these Tag Heuer timepieces. The Carrera line is mainly a tribute to the popular Panamerica event that was held in Mexico in the year 1950. It is also a tribute to durability and ruggedness. These watches have become popular among both men and women.

Men and women are also very fond of Tag Link watches. The brand has in fact established itself as a premier athletic watchmaker with Link line. These timepieces are basically sport watches but their specialty is that they go well with traditional dresses as well. The designs of the Tag Link timepieces have become well known among athletes and everyday wearers.

There are also the Monaco Tag Heuer watches in the line. They are water-resistant watches and epitomize high style, modern innovation and progressive thinking.

There is really a Tag Heuer timepiece for every individual. The difficult part for any purchaser would be its selection.

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